• LED Bulbs
  • LED Floodlight V-TAC Classic
  • LED Wall Washers
  • LED Floodlight V-TAC with sensor
  • Mini Panel Square
  • LED Floodligghts V-TAC Classic

  • LED Lighting - best energy efficient and eco friendly solution for your office!
  • Sound and Light Show with participation of V-TAC Floodlights
  • LED Strip Lighting provides new and exciting lighting effects
  • Forget about burn marks on your ceiling/wall with LED Lighting!

EU-LED.DE is engaged with import and distribution of LED lighting as:

  • LED Strip;
  • LED Floodlights;
  • LED Bulbs & Spotlights;
  • LED Street Lights & others.

LED lighting is the future in this field with its economy, reliability and profitability.

Our LED lighting is widely used in commercial, industrial, domestic, and also in the street and facade lighting. Together we can help the environment by using energy saving lighting and preserve the world around us for future generations.




Our products contains LEDs and drivers from:




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